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Blattgold - So sieht es aus

Backen und Kochen mit Blattgold

Blattgold: Das solltest du wissen

Wo bekomme ich Blattgold?

Blattgold bekommst du nicht einfach im Supermarkt. Am besten bestellst du es dir über das Internet, etwa über Amazon.

Kann ich Blattgold essen?

Nicht jedes angebotene Blattgold ist essbar. Achte darauf, dass du eine essbare Version aussuchst wie zum Beispiel diese hier:

Ist Blattgold echtes Gold?

Ja! Blattgold ist tatsächlich echtes Gold. Es ist verarbeitet und sehr sehr dünn geklopft. So kann es ohne weiteres verzehrt werden. Keine Sorge: Beim Reinbeißen entstehen keine Schäden an den Zähnen oder am Zahnfleisch.

Wie bekommt man das Blattgold am besten auf Nahrungsmittel?

Die Verarbeitung von Blattgold kann manchmal etwas schwierig sein: Die dünne Schicht reißt leicht, sodass sich meist nur kleinere Partikel anbringen lassen. Eine Pinzette kann helfen, das Blattgold aufzutragen. Mit ein bisschen Geschick und Fingerfertigkeit, gelingt es, auch kleine Teile darin einzuwickeln.

Tipps zur Verarbeitung von Blattgold auf Lebensmitteln gibt es auch hier:

Beim Kochen und Backen mit Blattgold nicht vergessen!

Blattgold wird immer erst zum Schluss auf den Nahrungsmitteln angebracht. Ganz gleich, ob du ein edles Rindersteak mit dem Gold verzieren willst oder es auf Kuchen, Keksen oder Torten anbringen möchtest: Alle anderen Prozesse wie Kochen, Braten oder Backen sollten bereits abgeschlossen sein.

Du kannst das Blattgold zwar auch im Innern eines Kuchens verarbeiten und es bereits bei der Teigherstellung untermischen. Es geht aber vor allem um den optischen Effekt. Und der kommt nun einmal am besten zur Geltung, wenn das Blattgold an der Außenoberfläche angebracht ist.

Ist Blattgold teuer?

Die Preise varrieren zwar, aber bei geringen Mengen ist das Blattgold bereits für wenige Euro zu haben. Dennoch ist der Effekt einfach grandios! So sieht der goldene Schimmer auf oder in Lebensmitteln einfach toll aus und macht das Lebensmittel zu einem besonders luxuriösen Genuss.

Edle Lebkuchen backen mit Pistazien und Blattgold

Blattgold als Highlight auf den Weihnachtskeksen

Heute: Lebkuchen mit Pistazien und Blattgold

Alle Jahre wieder lockt die Weihnachtsbäckerei. Wer nicht die herkömmlichen Plätzchen herstellen möchte wie jedes Jahr, der findet hier ein edles Rezept wie sich Lebkuchen verfeinern lassen. Pistazien und Blattgold machen’s möglich. Beide sind ein optischer Hingucker. Geschmacklich verfeinern vor allem die Pistazien die Weihnachtskekse. Das Blattgold ist geschmacksneutral. Es dient vor allem der Optik. Denn auf dunkler Schokolade wirkt der goldene Schimmer besonders gut. Die Kekse werden dadurch noch ansprechender als sie ohnehin schon sind. Einfach lecker!

Zutaten für ca. 18 Lebkuchen:

100 Gramm Zartbitterschokolade

75 Gramm Butter oder Margarine

100 Gramm Zucker, bei zuckerarmer Ernährung: Stevia oder Xylit verwenden

2 Eier

1 Päckchen Vanillezucker

1 Prise Salz

125 Gramm Mehl

1 Teelöffel Backpulver

100 Gramm gehackte Walnüsse

Für die Glasur:

100 Gramm Kakaoglasur

20 Gramm gehackte Pistazien


Die Zartbitterschokolade im Wasserbad schmelzen. Das Fett mit Eiern, Zucker, Salz und Vanillezucker schaumig rühren. Schokolade hinzufügen und unterrühren. Mehl, Walnüsse und Backpulver hinzufügen und ebenfalls unterrühren. Mit zwei Teelöffeln Häufchen auf ein mit Backpapier ausgelegtes Backblech setzen. Im Backofen bei 200 Grad/Gas etwa 20 Minuten lang backen. Das nächste Blech nur 15 Minuten. Abkühlen lassen. Kakaoglasur im Wasserbad schmelzen und die Kuchen damit bestreichen. Mit Pistazien und Goldpartikeln bestreuen. Anschließend gut trocknen lassen.

Für mehr Abwechslung auf dem Weihnachtsteller: Einzelne Lebkuchen neutral lassen, d.h. nicht mit Schokoladenglasur verzieren. Besonders toll sieht es auch aus, wenn einzelne Lebkuchen nur mit  Schokolade und Blattgold verfeinert werden.

Das Anbringen des Blattgoldes ist zum Teil nicht ganz einfach. Am besten bringt man einzelne Krümel vorsichtig mit einer Pinzette oder einem Pinsel auf die feuchte Schokoladenglasur auf.

Alle drei Varianten gemeinsam werden zum Hingucker, wobei die Variante mit dem Blattgold schlichtweg die edelste ist.

Viel Spaß beim Backen!

Mehr Infos zum Kochen und Backen mit Blattgold gesucht? Hier gibt es wertvolle Tipps.

Geschenke zu Weihnachten

Luxury gifts for Christmas – for the big and the small purse

No ideas for Christmas 2018? The recipient already has everything? Don’t believe that. There is always something you can give to someone.

Parents, grandma, grandpa, friends, the loved one – there should be something special for everyone. But that’s not always easy.

We have put together a selection of luxurious gift ideas for all those who still need a gift. And this for each category. This is why has a lot of gift tips for Christmas.

But watch out: None of the gifts is off the peg, but sometimes needs a bit of lead time. After all, good things take time! Plan some time for the purchase, no matter whether you decide to buy on the Internet or in a local shop. In any case, you will find a luxury gift, which will give the recipient a surprise and perhaps even a leap of joy.
And if you belong to the last-minute shoppers: Also a voucher for a gift from the respective category brings joy!

Accessories: Jewellery is almost always possible. Important: It must please!

You know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That’s beyond your budget? Then perhaps a variation with zirconia or another semi-precious stone will do. What counts most when you give jewellery as a present is that the wearer likes it. The downward price is therefore of secondary importance, because even inexpensive pieces of jewellery are worth a look. In contrast, it makes sense to set a price limit upwards. And if the jewellery costs more than originally thought a voucher might help.

Art: The value lies in the eye of the beholder

Art exists in every price category. From a few euros for a drawing to the painting of a popular painter for a few thousand or the sculpture of a famous artist that costs several millions. If you’re unsure, it’s best to select an entire collective of artists – and give away a voucher for a visit to a museum or gallery, such as this one. The most effective way, of course, is to visit a cultural centre that the recipient has not visited yet. So come up with something unusual!

Gourmet: Do you want to score at the family Christmas celebration with an unusual food?

Then give away a black truffle! The mushroom is an eye-catcher in any case. With this gift you are guaranteed to be amazed. Tip: First let the recipient guess what he got. We guarantee that not everyone will immediately find out. Many have never seen a black truffle before, let alone held it in their own hands. Don’t you want to be the first to give someone this unique chance?

Living: The own roof over one’s head or a plea for more cosiness

Giving an entire apartment or even a house as a gift is certainly beyond the scope – even for luxurious gifts. One idea would be to fold money into a house and give it away as a down payment for one’s own apartment or house. Alternatively, there is a range of furniture and furnishings that make living much more pleasant. Even seemingly insignificant things like a new pillow, a cashmere blanket or a new mattress can make you feel more comfortable at home.

Mobile: A voucher for a great car is a first-class gift

No, you shouldn’t give away a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. A voucher for a ride in a luxury car also does the trick. If this already exceeds your planned budget, have a look at the fleet of Car2Go or Drive Now. The car sharing services sometimes hide the purest luxury cars, such as the AMG CLA from Daimler. In this case, the driver only has to register before! You transfer the costs to the presentee afterwards – depending on how long the journey takes.

Travel: How about a short trip to a 5-star hotel? This is pure luxury!

Too expensive? It doesn’t matter. An overnight stay in a 5-star hotel in your own city will also do. Of course, only in a double room and best of all as a couple. There is no 5-star palace in your town? Then be creative and choose a beautiful and elegant hotel in the nearest town. This will certainly make your loved one cheer for joy. And your parents will also be thrilled if you spoil them as thanks for the many hard years.

Now Christmas Eve can come! Much joy with the presents!

Merry Christmas!

Chocolate: Cracking makes the difference

Think of chocolate! A fine cocoa smell, a sweet and tart taste and a delicate feeling that something melts on the tongue is the consequence. Thus it is that the mouth of most people already waters when they are only thinking of chocolate.
Would you like more? Then read on.

Chocolate is not just chocolate

But chocolate is not the same as chocolate. There are big differences in consistency, in the smell and of course in the taste. “Good chocolate is obvious at first bite” says Robert Rauschenberg. “It must crack”. Cheap chocolate would remain without sound while biting off. The 29-year-old must know it: As the fifth at the top of the 1918 founded family business Rausch he knows best about high-quality ingredients and quality of chocolate. In 2018 the company celebrates its 100th anniversary. Rausch decided to say goodbye to the supermarket shelves: The chocolate maker understands chocolate as a luxury good and not as a sweet. The distribution of Rausch chocolate takes place nowadays almost exclusively online.

A taste adventure

Thanks to numerous flavours of fine cocoa chocolate is a taste adventure – but only if fine cocoa is used for the products. Quality cocoa may have up to 400 different flavours. The countries of origin are mainly found in South America. Many varieties of cocoa come from Peru and Papua New Guinea, as well as Ecuador and Costa Rica.
The noble cocoa sorts determine the price: The costs of exclusive varieties are well above world market prices of conventional chocolates. This affects the prices of the chocolate products in stores: Therefore customers pay much more for noble chocolate bars than for the products that are offered in the traditional supermarket.

Expensive food – Where to get this cheap

Food prices fluctuate constantly. This is not only due to the fact that supermarkets always have individual items on offer, which prices seem particularly low. Other foods cost significantly more. In addition to these two categories, there is another. These foods generally occupy a special position. They are always high-price and are not always available. These foods are delicacies – not to mention common products such as goose liver paste or goat’s cheese. The products meant are the kobe beef, truffle, eel or caviar.

Meat of the expensive ox

The meat of the Kobe beef comes from a breed from Japan, the breed of the so-called Wagyu. The name Kobe-Rind may, however, only bear pure-breed Tajima cattle from the prefecture of Hyogo with the capital Kobe. In Germany the Japanese luxury meat can only be bought since summer 2014.

What is special is that the cattle experiences first-class treatment when compared to the cattle on our pastures. The animals are cared for and tended. Deep relaxation is the key word here. Their meat is therefore traversed by the finest adipose tissue. This makes the beef so extremely delicate – and at the same time so extremely expensive. “Meat” from the Kobe beef is sold for example at Albersfoodshop for 34 Euros per 100 grams. The price for a 500 gram steak is 170 Euros. Subtle flavoured meat is available for 8.99 Euros – but only as a burger.

Truffle for you

Truffles are black, white, grey or brown. Its shape resembles a tuberous stone with uneven surface. Unlike conventional fungi, they do not grow out of the ground, but underground. Depending on the variety they smell sometimes more, sometimes less intensively.

Truffles belong to the group of fungi. They have little in common with classical foam plants like mushroom, chanterelle or chestnut. For this reason they are not consumed as an accompaniment to fish or meat, but for purely gustatory reasons. Truffles are often used in sauces, pasta or rice. But they present their flavour in combination with potatoes or scrambled eggs.

French truffles are considered particularly aromatic. They are intense in taste and smell. Just a small amount is enough for cooking to express their dominance. The intensity determines the price. French truffles are therefore usually very expensive. Asian truffles are cheaper. By comparison, one gram of French Perigord truffle currently costs between 12 and 30 Euros; one gram of Asian truffle is between 0.32 and 0.50 Euros. Truffles are charged according to daily rates. The season, the region and the yield play a decisive role for the price.