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Geschenke zu Weihnachten

Luxury gifts for Christmas – for the big and the small purse

No ideas for Christmas 2018? The recipient already has everything? Don’t believe that. There is always something you can give to someone.

Parents, grandma, grandpa, friends, the loved one – there should be something special for everyone. But that’s not always easy.

We have put together a selection of luxurious gift ideas for all those who still need a gift. And this for each category. This is why has a lot of gift tips for Christmas.

But watch out: None of the gifts is off the peg, but sometimes needs a bit of lead time. After all, good things take time! Plan some time for the purchase, no matter whether you decide to buy on the Internet or in a local shop. In any case, you will find a luxury gift, which will give the recipient a surprise and perhaps even a leap of joy.
And if you belong to the last-minute shoppers: Also a voucher for a gift from the respective category brings joy!

Accessories: Jewellery is almost always possible. Important: It must please!

You know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That’s beyond your budget? Then perhaps a variation with zirconia or another semi-precious stone will do. What counts most when you give jewellery as a present is that the wearer likes it. The downward price is therefore of secondary importance, because even inexpensive pieces of jewellery are worth a look. In contrast, it makes sense to set a price limit upwards. And if the jewellery costs more than originally thought a voucher might help.

Art: The value lies in the eye of the beholder

Art exists in every price category. From a few euros for a drawing to the painting of a popular painter for a few thousand or the sculpture of a famous artist that costs several millions. If you’re unsure, it’s best to select an entire collective of artists – and give away a voucher for a visit to a museum or gallery, such as this one. The most effective way, of course, is to visit a cultural centre that the recipient has not visited yet. So come up with something unusual!

Gourmet: Do you want to score at the family Christmas celebration with an unusual food?

Then give away a black truffle! The mushroom is an eye-catcher in any case. With this gift you are guaranteed to be amazed. Tip: First let the recipient guess what he got. We guarantee that not everyone will immediately find out. Many have never seen a black truffle before, let alone held it in their own hands. Don’t you want to be the first to give someone this unique chance?

Living: The own roof over one’s head or a plea for more cosiness

Giving an entire apartment or even a house as a gift is certainly beyond the scope – even for luxurious gifts. One idea would be to fold money into a house and give it away as a down payment for one’s own apartment or house. Alternatively, there is a range of furniture and furnishings that make living much more pleasant. Even seemingly insignificant things like a new pillow, a cashmere blanket or a new mattress can make you feel more comfortable at home.

Mobile: A voucher for a great car is a first-class gift

No, you shouldn’t give away a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. A voucher for a ride in a luxury car also does the trick. If this already exceeds your planned budget, have a look at the fleet of Car2Go or Drive Now. The car sharing services sometimes hide the purest luxury cars, such as the AMG CLA from Daimler. In this case, the driver only has to register before! You transfer the costs to the presentee afterwards – depending on how long the journey takes.

Travel: How about a short trip to a 5-star hotel? This is pure luxury!

Too expensive? It doesn’t matter. An overnight stay in a 5-star hotel in your own city will also do. Of course, only in a double room and best of all as a couple. There is no 5-star palace in your town? Then be creative and choose a beautiful and elegant hotel in the nearest town. This will certainly make your loved one cheer for joy. And your parents will also be thrilled if you spoil them as thanks for the many hard years.

Now Christmas Eve can come! Much joy with the presents!

Merry Christmas!

Super-Diamond with flawless face: Flawless Perfection

This diamond even outshines the British crown jewels. The auction house Sotheby’s is currently presenting a new super-diamond: Flawless Perfection. In German the name is “Makellose Vollendendung” . According to the description, the Super Diamond is actually even more than “super”. In any case, Sotheby’s is not reserved in using superlatives in its presentation. Estimated price: approximately $30 million.

Beautiful, pure and without any blemishes

Flawless Perfection is considered to be the largest white round diamond in the world. The sparkling diamond convinces in all essential criteria such as colour, clarity, cut and carat. With its 104.34 carats, it is the largest of its kind. The value of a gemstone depends above all on its hardness, shine and purity.

A  birthday present

The diamond would be  fitting  as a birthday present. At least for those who can afford it. In any case, Sotheby’s takes the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of its noble branch in London’s New Bond Street with the presentation of the showpiece. Congratulations! The unique diamond will be presented to the public in the branch on 8th and 9th February 2018. If you are interested in the super diamond as a buyer, you have a bit more time: Until February 16th, 2018, you can admire the immaculate gemstone in the rooms of Sotheby’s.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Frauen lieben Diamanten. Nur Diamanten? Sicher nicht. Aber ein Diamant zählt, im Vergleich zu anderen Edelsteinen, zu den langlebigsten. Doch wie kommt es dazu, dass sich dieser Stein von seinen Konkurrenten derartig abhebt? Wie entsteht überhaupt ein Diamant? Und wie kommt seine lange Haltbarkeit zustande?

Tief in der Erde

Diamanten gelten als kostbar. Doch vom Material her handelt es sich bei dem Edelstein ausschließlich um Kohlenstoff, der über viele Jahrzehnte in den Tiefen des Erdbodens gereift ist. Damit aus dem chemischen Element tatsächlich ein Diamant wird, muss der Kohlenstoff in tieferen Gesteinsschichten hohem Druck und hohen Temperaturen ausgesetzt sein. Nur unter diesen Voraussetzungen fügen sich die Kohlenstoffatome zu geordneten Kristallen zusammen. Diese Struktur ermöglicht die Entstehung von würfelartigen Diamanten, die jedoch auch als Oktaeder oder Dodekaeder auftreten können. Andere Formen sind darüber hinaus möglich.

Die Härte eines Diamanten

Das Besondere eines Diamanten ist seine Härte. Sie unterscheidet sich deutlich von allen anderen Mineralien und Gesteinen. Die Härte wird anhand des Ritzwiderstandes eines Materials gemessen, auch wenn Gemmologen das Verfahren als nicht eindeutig genug einstufen. Die Messung erfolgt anhand der Mohs-Skala. Diese gibt den Härtegrad eines Minerals mit einer Zahl von 1 bis 10 an, wobei 1 als weich und 10 als die härteste Stufe gilt. Zum Vergleich: Auf der Skala der Härteprüfung nach Mohs erreicht ein Diamant den Wert 10, Quarz die Stufe 7 und Talk 1. Aufgrund ihrer Härte sind Diamanten auch längst nicht nur Zierde am Hals schöner Frauen. Der Stein ist so stabil, dass er zu Bohrern verarbeitet wird. Und auch Sägen erhalten durch ihn erst ihre richtige Schärfe.

Erst Reinheit, Klarheit und Schliff sorgen für Kostbarkeit

Damit aus dem Mineralienmix in der Erde schließlich ein Diamant wird, ist nicht nur Zeit und Geduld erforderlich – erst ein paar handwerkliche Tätigkeiten veredeln den Stein. Der Schliff bringt einen Diamanten zum Strahlen und Funkeln und verleiht ihm seinen kostbaren Wert. Um den ursprünglichen Kohlenstoff zum Glänzen zu bringen, benötigt man härteste Materialien: Nur mit einem weiteren Diamanten oder mit Diamantstaub lässt sich der Stein bearbeiten. Anders ist kein Fine-Tuning möglich. Zudem würde sich wohl keine Frau einen ungeschliffenen Diamanten um den Hals hängen, denn seine Schönheit kommt erst im Zuge der Bearbeitung zum Vorschein: „Ein ungeschliffener Diamant ist etwa (so) ansehnlich wie ein Stück Seife“, sagte einst G. F. Herbert Smith, britischer Mineraloge und ehemaliger Mitarbeiter des British Museum of Natural History. Na, dann doch lieber einen Stein mit Feinschliff!

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