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Super-Diamond with flawless face: Flawless Perfection

This diamond even outshines the British crown jewels. The auction house Sotheby’s is currently presenting a new super-diamond: Flawless Perfection. In German the name is “Makellose Vollendendung” . According to the description, the Super Diamond is actually even more than “super”. In any case, Sotheby’s is not reserved in using superlatives in its presentation. Estimated price: approximately $30 million.

Beautiful, pure and without any blemishes

Flawless Perfection is considered to be the largest white round diamond in the world. The sparkling diamond convinces in all essential criteria such as colour, clarity, cut and carat. With its 104.34 carats, it is the largest of its kind. The value of a gemstone depends above all on its hardness, shine and purity.

A  birthday present

The diamond would be  fitting  as a birthday present. At least for those who can afford it. In any case, Sotheby’s takes the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of its noble branch in London’s New Bond Street with the presentation of the showpiece. Congratulations! The unique diamond will be presented to the public in the branch on 8th and 9th February 2018. If you are interested in the super diamond as a buyer, you have a bit more time: Until February 16th, 2018, you can admire the immaculate gemstone in the rooms of Sotheby’s.