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Preis egal: Balloon Dog von Jeff Koons ist teuerstes Kunstobjekt

Money doesn’t matter: Koons’ Balloon Dog

When I was four years old a magician at a flea market gave me two balloons. These balloons were not just two balloons: They were formed into a dog, knotted together, tail and snout clearly noticeable. This afternoon this dog in a delicate pink and with round shapes made me the happiest child ever. I was very proud of the pink animal and my newly gained companion. This joy remained until one of my friends brought the balloons to burst. Disappointed and traumatized I ran from this time on through the world – without my beloved pink quadruped.

Recently, some 30 years later, I met my former companion again. He looked the same as used to. His pink colour had indeed transformed into a shiny metallic orange and he had grown to a few meters, but its curves and shape corresponded to those of my favourite many years ago. Why had not I have the imaginative idea of Jeff Koons? The snout with balloon closure was well known to me and his particular form had fascinated, yes, downright captivated me already as a four-year-old.

Dog is Art
Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons, was auctioned in November 2013 in New York for $ 58.4 billion (43.46 million euros). The work, which corresponds to the form of two knotted balloons, has catapulted Koons to the peak of the most expensive living artists. Who was yet again Gerhard Richter? Koons has managed an absolute coup with Balloon Dog. As I said, the form and the animal itself have delighted a little girl‘s heart thirty years ago. But now other values are of interest: Koons masterpiece exudes pomp and swank simultaneously. Decadence does not seem to fit for a description of a dog in such a larger than life-format.

Where hides the orange dog?
Who has bought the massive piece is not known – at least not in public. A photo showed the oversized doggy in the meantime on the lawn of a house somewhere. But if the good animal is actually still residing there, is not known. Whoever finds it, just write an e-mail with a suitable photo. We are looking forward to receiving numerous letters!

Up Date January 22, 2017: In the meantime, the Balloon Dog was spotted in various places. The total of 5 different coloured dogs in orange, blue, magenta, yellow and red were seen in the following cities: The magenta version is found at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice, it looks over the Grand Canal. This Balloon Dog belongs to François Pinault.
Billionaire Eli Broad is the proud owner of the blue version of expressive art. This dog can be seen, for example, in The Broad, a museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles. The red dog is owned by a Greek industrialist: Dakis Joannou. The yellow one is the property of SAC Capital hedge fund magnate Steven A. Cohen, who not only possesses this art copy, but many more. Only one still remains missing: The orange male dog hasn’t appeared anywhere in the public yet. If someone meets him: Please report! We are looking forward to your news!

By the way: One of the four-legged unfortunately crashed at the end of 2016. Fortunately, it was not one of the mentioned above large-sized pieces, but a smaller replica of the great originals. This happened at the Art Basel in Miami. Huups! So fast can a four-legged companion fall to pieces!